Musical Mentors

Musical Mentors allows youngsters to connect with our orchestra musicians and visiting professional musicians up close and personal. This is accomplished by reaching out to the children in our schools with special presentations. The students interact with the professionals    as they play and explain their instruments, and often the students are invited to play music on specially designed children’s instruments.

In March 2021, mentors Elizabeth Kelly, composer, James Jenkins, tuba, and Barbara Careaga-Mitchell, violin presented a 5-day program via Google Meet due to Covid-19 restrictions. The program was called “Reaching for the Stars: Reinventing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ in Collaboration with Professional Musicians” as the students journeyed with the Apollo 11 team. We will repeat this program “live” in the schools in the fall of 2021.

See how the students at Glyndale Elementary School learned about theme and variation and experienced actually playing some music themselves during a journey with the Apollo 11 team.